Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pine Spine

Thanks to Best Beads I got an opportunity to try out Two exciting and new Czech bead shapes -  Pellets and double-hole daggers. In this first project, I used them both! And I have already got many new ideas... So stay tuned and watch this space for more inspiration! I am working on a tutorial to this Pine Spine bracelet and it´s gonna be FREE!

The bracelet is double-sided and can be worn both ways. Which side do you like? The plain one or the embellished?


  1. Hi,Sasha:
    Very unique design of the bracelet-something a bit plantlike for the coming Spring.
    Both sides are wonderful-I guess ,I prefer the one shown in the first picture.
    Fabulous beadwork of Yours.
    -All the Best-

  2. Very interesting design! I like how each side has its own unique character, but I think I actually like the plain side better!