Monday, October 8, 2012

Necklace with Jasper

I haven´t written anything here in a while, just did not have time to take photos of my new pieces, and their number is growing:) Here is the last necklace I have made, maybe you can help me with a name?

I used many different techniques and stitches: Bead embroidery, peyote, ndbele, stringing, bead crochet... I am happy with the result, just can´t find a good name for it. Please help!:))


  1. С названием не помогу, сама всегда с этим мучаюсь))
    А украшение очень красивое, на мой взгляд что-то близко по стилю к бохо, очень нравятся такие штуки)

  2. Stunning necklace. So glad I found your wonderful blog. I'll have to read all your posts when I can find some time. Greetings!