Preciosa Ornela In Da House!

I was very lucky to be chosen to receive 1kg of beads from Preciosa Ornela, the makers of Twin beads and thousands of other beads and glass rods. Every kg of beads helps:), but these are really great and I was pleased with colours, too! The bead set is called "Pure Joy", just look at them:

With new beads always come some fresh ideas, and I was especially happy to find a few bags of Farfalle, or peanut beads in the package. They came in two different sizes: smaller ones 2x4mm, and bigger ones  3.2x6.5mm
So my first little project was this pair of earrings, I called them "Joy":
To make these earrings, I combined Right-Angle-Weave (RAW) and peyote techniques. Using Farfalle beads in RAW creates an illusion of Cubic-RAW, or CRAW. In my next post, I will share a tutorial with diagrams for these earrings. 

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