Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Denim Chic Bracelet

My new creation using Miyuki Delica and 15° seed beads, plus Swarovski rivoli.

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  1. Hi,again:-)
    You are incredible-are You the Fairy ,or so?You've fulfilled my wishes of seeing more of Your beautiful Creations!:-))
    I love this bracelet.I love it for the modern look and of course.the colors,which are the fantastic match to jeans and Summer cotton blouses-light and clear,like the fog:-)Fantastic'triangular' design-lovely stitch of the bracelet's strap.

    My Mother-in-law is Danish as my Husband is.Being in Skagen-we paid Her a visit.Skagen is a place,where my Husband was born.This is the most lovely place,I've ever seen and my Mother-in-law,the prettiest and the most hospitable and warm person I've ever met-except for my Husband,of course:-))
    We had lived in Denmark/Fyn/ for some years,but decided to move to Sweden eight months ago.
    I am personally from Poland-Warsaw-I do not remember,if I've ever told You about:-))
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-