Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goutte de Rosée Set

This is a bracelet and necklace set woven with ndbele (herringbone) stitch only. Amethyst colour drop and round glass beads, transparent rainbow topaz japanese seed beads of 3 different sizes - 15°, 11° and 8°. Is it chic enough for a french name?


  1. Mais, oui! Bien sur, it's chic enough for a French name. Beautiful work!

  2. Hello,Sasha:
    It's wonderful and the French name fits here ideally:-)
    I can admit-I'm not good at the herringbone stitch-I use it sometimes,partially,because I haven't worked it out enough,so the more I can see ,how beautifully it works in Your pieces,the more I admire them both.I love the amethyst drops here-it gives the delicate look,as well as the color.
    I'm terribly sorry to have commented so late,but as it is said:'better late,than never':-))
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-