Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Week´s Work

I´ve done a couple of little pieces in my favourite colours, might keep them for myself ;-)
Materials: 4mm SW bicones, 11/0 Delica, braided thread. that´s it.
I used Vyolina´s pattern for donut, but instead made a hollow, sea-urchin-like shape.

Materials: 18 mm SW Rivoli, 4 mm SW bicones, 11/0 delica, 15/0 and 11/0 rocaille.

Materials: 12 mm SW Rivoli, delica and 15/0 seed beads


  1. Ahoj, prosím tě, co jsou to za odstíny? jsou to nádherné barvy

  2. Ahoj, Miyuki delica je transparent matt rainbow purple, aj ked je taka do hneda, krystaly su violet, vacsie rivoli je amethyst a rokajl 15-ka je tiez amethyst!